August 14, 2022

Although many new vehicles have standard factory push button shifters, the aftermarket car parts market offers a wide range of shift knobs that can be customized to meet your vehicle’s specifications. If you are looking to spice up the drive of your ride, or to make it more personalized, you can choose from a variety of available designs. Some vehicle owners enjoy having an OEM style shift knob, while others may prefer the aftermarket alternatives. In either case, you should keep in mind what your personal preferences are. Even though some aftermarket car parts can resemble those of an OEM knob, they may also be made of a higher quality, which means that they will last longer without suffering from wear and tear.

Although some high-end sports vehicles do come with more attractive options, few will actually feel quite as good as an aftermarket shift knob. Fortunately, you can find shift knobs in nearly all shapes and sizes, which will ultimately come down to preference and what suits your vehicle best. If you have an SUV or a sports car, you may want to consider one of the aftermarket lever kits that are designed specifically for aftermarket car parts. These aftermarket shift knob kits are typically made of a durable plastic and may include a rubberized handle for a firmer grip on the gears. The best aftermarket shift levers are designed so that the lever is very close to the center of the rotors, which ensures that your hand doesn’t accidentally slip off of the gearbox during your driving.

If you drive a compact car, you should consider investing in a set of aftermarket shift knobs that are designed to fit into the center of the car grip, which is usually near the steering wheel. This type of knob will give you a very secure and comfortable grip, even when you need to shift gears quickly. With a center grip installed, you should find that shift gears feel much more secure and smooth to operate, especially when you need to change direction rapidly.

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